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In this heartwarming, illustrated children's book, for children and adults alike, Alin learns from his genie how to develop imagery skills to transform feelings of anger, hurt, etc. into courage and love, and learns in the process how to manifest.


Be creative and draw your ideal images
Interactive tools for a playful way of dialoguing with the Universe through images.
Listen to
guided meditations
By utilizing the Quantum Imaging processes you can make real changes in any area of your life.
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The content of the book is not only a fairy-tale, but a true method of teaching how to create a magical life.
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About the Author ILONA SELKE

As a little girl my mother read to me in her warm mysterious voice from the fairy-tale ‘Aladdin and the Wonder Lamp’. I was transported into the world of India, saw shimmering palaces, colorful gowns of ancient times in my mind eye and studied the beautiful drawings that accompanied this mysterious and mystical story.”

Aladdin found his Princess and together they lived in a world filled with magical beauty, because Aladdin had found the Genie that helped him and his Princess to co-create a magical reality.

“This is how I wanted to live! Since childhood I believed in the power of my consciousness interacting with the Divine.”
Ilona Selke, CEO of Living From Vision

This became one of the founding visions of Ilona’s life in which she was able to realize by discovering concrete methods of manifesting that she now teaches worldwide.

Her and her husband’s life are living proof of how the dreams we hold become living realities.

To find out more visit: www.livingfromvision.com

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